“Are They Worth it?” Valor and Sacrifice in Call of Duty: WWII

In a franchise known for its emphasis on high kill/death ratios, Call of Duty: WWII does something new: it asks players to consider the value of other human lives.

By Joey Thurmond

Sorry Peach, Mario is on a Quest for Self-Discovery

Mario, Peach, and Bowser are back in Super Mario Odyssey, but this time each must forge their own path.

By Richard Clark

Redeeming Clumsiness in Jettomero

Jettomero is just like you, clumsily stumbling through the world, hoping to to do some good in it.

By James Arnold

Love Thy Dead Neighbor: A Reflection on A Mortician’s Tale

A Mortician’s Tale gives players a glimpse into the reality of care after death and examines how we can best respect the deceased.

By Madeline Turnipseed

Extracting Your Own Story from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Sometimes wandering off the beaten path and crafting our own narratives is more satisfying than staying on-script.

By Lasse Lund

The Problem with Nazi Punching in Wolfenstein 2

Wolfenstein 2 provides stunningly honest commentary about America’s present social ills, but is it helpful to prescribe fire to douse the flames?

By C.T. Casberg

The Gamechurch Podcast 93: Computer Game Pioneer Scott Adams and “Loving Everyone”

Computer game pioneer Scott Adams joins Drew to talk about his contributions to the early days of computer gaming and his journey toward Christ.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

The Good within The Evil Within 2

Horror games like ‘The Evil Within 2’ have the potential to produce in us a productive, “can-win” mindset that’s more about overcoming horror than embracing despair.

By M. Joshua Cauller

Cuphead Hates (Loves) You

Cuphead will constantly remind you how bad you are … but this is a good thing, trust me.

By Stephanie Skiles

“There Needs to be Joy in the World”: An Interview with Zack Johnson of West of Loathing

Zack Johnson of West of Loathing shares his commitment to be funny without hurting people’s feelings as well as his desire to bring more joy into the world.

By Drew Dixon

Rediscovering Fun with A Hat in Time

For C.T. Casberg, the whimsical fun of A Hat in Time was a welcome respite from the controversies and stress of modern videogame culture.

By C.T. Casberg

Dreams and Detractors in Golf Story

Don’t listen to the haters. Your dreams matter.

By Ben Schnückel