A Challenging Social Experience: An Interview with Reid Buckmaster of Dauntless

We chatted with Reid Buckmaster who designs behemoth encounter in Dauntless, a highly cooperative RPG about slaying monsters. We chat about how the game prioritizes teamwork and the joy of puzzle creation. For more on […]

By Drew Dixon

Mario + Rabbids and the End of an Illustrious Career

When the Rabbids arrived, Mario found himself facing an altogether different enemy: existential dread.

By Richard Clark

The Cost of Cleaning Up: An Interview with Ben Esposito of Donut County

We chat with Ben Eposito about his upcoming game and the joys and cost of cleaning up.

By Drew Dixon

Destiny 2 and Dependence

Destiny 2 illuminates the limitations of our heroism and our need for one another.

By Joey Thurmond

Curating an Experience: an Interview with Kamela Dolinova and Phoebe Roberts of Evil Overlord Games

We recently chatted with Kamela Dolinova and Phoebe Roberts of Evil Overlord Games about Susurrus: Season of Tides, a story-driven, web-based game set in a dark urban fantasy world.

By April-Lyn Caouette

Empowering Escape: Why Destiny 2’s Story Doesn’t Suck

“Destiny 2’s uncomplicated adventure of disempowered but heroic good guys overcoming monstrous bad guys against all odds provides our imagination a tack on which to regain its grip on nobler things.”

By C.T. Casberg

Hiding in Plain Sight in Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor gives us a peek into what happens when you’ve built your life around hiding while also allowing you the opportunity to find what has been so long hidden.”

By Stephanie Skiles

Joy in Every Keystroke: An Interview with Peter Bruun of Keyboard Sports

You’ve never played a game quite like Keyboard Sports, a platformer about the tactile joy of buttons.

By Drew Dixon

Getting Our Just Desserts: Last Day of June

Last Day of June challenged Madeline to consider what she would do to save someone she loves, and revealed some things about her pride in the process.

By Madeline Turnipseed

Coming to Terms with My Bestial Gamer Brain in The Long Dark

In a world where ‘Call of Duty’ is still king, ‘The Long Dark’s’ plodding, graceful beauty is infuriating.

By C.T. Casberg

Debunking the American Dream in Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher asks us to examine our views on work and productivity.

By Jonathan Campoverde

Gen Con Through the Eyes of Jesus: Part 3 Communal Games

We recently went to Gen Con, North America’s largest tabletop-game convention, where we set out on a quest to find board games that resonate with the life, message, or values of Jesus. This is the third and final part of our Gen Con 50 coverage.

By Gamechurch Writers