You Are Not the Sum of Your Opportunities: Nex Machina

In ‘Nex Machia’ every small step forward is a reminder that we are not the sum of our opportunities.

By Tyler Cameron

Religion and Psychosis in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade navigates the difficult space between religion and mental illness.

By M. Joshua Cauller

Embracing Defeat in Pyre

‘Pyre’ deconstructs our preconceived notions about winning, encouraging us to embrace defeat for the good of others.

By Joey Thurmond

Imagination and Longing in Subnautica

Exploring mysterious game worlds like Subnautica provides something of a religious experience, stirring our longing for a better world.

By Drew Dixon

Providing Opportunities for Good: DayZ and the Problem of Evil

A reflection on designing games with opportunities for good and the difficulties of navigating life in a broken system.

By Drew Dixon

Death and Disparity: Playing Death Squared With A Friend

‘Death Squared’ invites us to acknowledge and embrace the differences between ourselves and those we play with.

By Richard Clark

The Great Equalizer: Death in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds demonstrates two of death’s redemptive values.

By C.T. Casberg

At Arms Length

While ‘Arms’ is great fun, it is lacking in truly human moments.

By Richard Clark

Should DiRT 4 Let You Run Over People?

The thrill of the rally is rooted in our mortality and yet death is absent in the sport’s greatest videogame.

By Drew Dixon

Lost Odyssey and the Pain of Love

Lost Odyssey testifies that to live is to love, and to love is to be vulnerable.

By C.T. Casberg

Craving Intimacy in the Near Future of Tokyo 42

While games today keep trying to get closer, Tokyo 42 intentionally opts for a perspective that’s further away.

By M. Joshua Cauller

Attention to Detail in an Insane World: An Interview with Jo-Annie Gauthier of Sundered

Sundered rewards the player’s attention to detail.

By Drew Dixon