Sony Releases New Venom Trailer

Sony Pictures Entertainment released their first trailer for the upcoming Venom movie, staring Tom Hardy.

By Zach Carpenter

The Issue of the Heart in Persona 5

“Persona 5 offers a comprehensive tour of the changing heart, from a state of temptation, distortion, and idolatry, to one of conviction, humility, and renewal.”

By Ayk Iano

Camaraderie Over Competition in Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade gives us a vision of competition that’s not driven by conquering but cooperation and respect.

By M. Joshua Cauller

The Official Solo Teaser Has Dropped

Are you excited to learn more about Han Solo’s life prior to meeting Luke and Princess Leia?

By Zach Carpenter

Rumu asks, “How Deep is Your Love?”

Rumu, a game about a cleaning robot, reminds us that love comes with baggage and consistently loving others is costly.

By Madeline Turnipseed

Empty Spaces: A Review of Morphite

Morphite’s world is lovely and full of things to do, but is that formula enough to warrant our time and attention?

By Miguel Melendez

Longing for More Life in Far From Noise

Far From Noise is beautiful and poetic but does its poetry coalesce into a meaningful interactive story?

By J. Stephen Addcox

Don’t Do Video Games in Church, Do Church in Video Games

Can video games be encountered as beautiful, unsettling, troubling, joyful, sad or maybe even worshipful?

By Andy Robertson

The Pressure to Perform in Cryptark

While most games measure our performance, Cryptark’s decision to double down on this caused Josh anxiety.

By M. Joshua Cauller

Refunct Wants To Be Your Friend

Refunct is like a kindly stranger that warmly invites us not only to enjoy its world but explore our own hearts.

By Joey Thurmond

Life is Like a Store Full of Violent, Exploding Fruit

A VR game about shooting evil fruit while working the checkout counter at a grocery manages to capture the frantic nature of modern life.

By Kevin Schut

Lending a Helping Hand (or Paint Gun) in Wuppo

The colorful world of Wuppo highlights the value of tackling community problems with goodwill and kindness.

By Stephanie Skiles