Refunct Wants To Be Your Friend

Refunct is like a kindly stranger that warmly invites us not only to enjoy its world but explore our own hearts.

By Joey Thurmond

Life is Like a Store Full of Violent, Exploding Fruit

A VR game about shooting evil fruit while working the checkout counter at a grocery manages to capture the frantic nature of modern life.

By Kevin Schut

Lending a Helping Hand (or Paint Gun) in Wuppo

The colorful world of Wuppo highlights the value of tackling community problems with goodwill and kindness.

By Stephanie Skiles

The Gamechurch Podcast 96: Alex M. Lehmann of League of Legends

Alex Lehmann, art director of League of Legends, shares about his Christian upbringing, his love of animation, and the experience of working on a game that become a massive eSport.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Sacrificing Control: A Review of Dice Throne

Board games with great player interaction, like Dice Throne, give us the opportunity to let go of our need for control and learn from one another.

By Jonathan Campoverde

Growing Up and Killing Lots of Monsters in Nine Parchments

By shifting focus from the powers and monsters to humanity, Nine Parchments breaks new ground in the hack and slash genre.

By Richard Clark

Everything in its Right Place: Gorogoa

Gorogoa is more than a beautiful hand-drawn and innovative puzzle game, it mechanically illustrates of our own personal disassembly of those moments in our lives that require shifting and rearranging.

By Stephanie Skiles

4 Keys to Winning the Video Game Battle With Your Kids

If we are honest, video games can be a source of conflict in many families. Andy Robertson shares four simple steps to get from gaming stress to interactive edification.

By Andy Robertson

Puzzling Purpose in Statik: Institution of Retention

Even if we don’t get the answer, Statik: Institute of Retention illustrates the value of asking “Why?”

By Zach Carpenter

Dealing with Disappointment in ECHO

For Madeline, playing through ECHO provided a much needed parable on how to deal with disappointment. This is required reading for those who hated The Last Jedi.

By Madeline Turnipseed

Breaking the Chains of Oppression: Project Octopath Traveler

The demo for Project Octopath Traveler gave Josh a very small taste of an experience of oppression he will likely never have in real life.

By M. Joshua Cauller

Spreadsheets, Statistics, and Ethical Choices in Universal Paperclips

Universal Paperclips showed Lasse that viewing the world through a spreadsheet makes it easy to justify terrible choices.

By Lasse Lund