Attention to Detail in an Insane World: An Interview with Jo-Annie Gauthier of Sundered

Sundered rewards the player’s attention to detail.

By Drew Dixon

Gamechurch’s E3 Spiritual Superlatives

Just because E3 is a heartless celebration of capitalism that we’ve all been Jedi-mind-tricked into joining, doesn’t mean our nation’s largest videogame trade show doesn’t have its spiritual side.

By Gamechurch Writers

A Fetish for Religious Tropes in Outlast 2

In Outlast 2, religion is merely a prop for shocking the player’s sense of propriety.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Beauty from Ashes: Unpacking Grief in RiME

RiME demonstrates that grief shouldn’t be suppressed or reveled in, but honestly and cathartically expressed.

By Joey Thurmond

The Oppressive Violence of Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Should games dealing with oppression require oppression to complete them?

By Jonathan Campoverde

Imperfection and Value: A Reflection on Zero of the Mega Man X series

Zero reminds us that all people have value and freedom often comes from giving of yourself for the good of others.

By Hudson Wain

Prey and Humility

Prey made M. Joshua want to be a better, humbler person … sort of.

By M. Joshua Cauller

The Discipline of Self-Restraint in Tumbleseed

Tumbleseed hands you a predictably difficult situation and trains you to embrace your own limitations.

By Richard Clark

Building Better Sandboxes: An Interview with Aleš Ulm of Ylands

We recently chatted with Aleš Ulm, the Project Lead for Ylands, a new sandbox game from Bohemia Interactive, makers of Arma and DayZ.

By Steve Cullum

Paying Down Our Family Debt: What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch reminds us that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and we owe a debt to them

By Daniel Motley

Everything but the Problem of Evil

Everything is beautiful, playful, and philosophic game that neglects to address the problem of evil in the world.

By Daniel Motley

Jesus Loves Gamer Memes

We think Jesus takes an interest in everything you do, even your crappy artwork and your most cringe-worthy memes.

By Gamechurch Writers