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Attention to Detail in an Insane World: An Interview with Jo-Annie Gauthier of Sundered

Sundered rewards the player’s attention to detail.

By Drew Dixon

Gamechurch’s E3 Spiritual Superlatives

Just because E3 is a heartless celebration of capitalism that we’ve all been Jedi-mind-tricked into joining, doesn’t mean our nation’s largest videogame trade show doesn’t have its spiritual side.

By Gamechurch Writers

How Nintendo Abandoned And Fired Alison Rapp

How a culture of silence and “for profit” localization practices cost Alison Rapp her job

By Jonathan R. Clauson

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Let’s Play Videos Hurting Sales of Game

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ has seen little to no revenue since its release. According to creator Ryan Green, its due to Let’s Play videos.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

‘Antinomy’ From Homegrown Games Seeks Unity In The Holy Land

A multi-faith, open world RPG about bringing peach to the Middle East.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Go Behind the Scenes of ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ with ‘Thank You For Playing’

Go behind the scenes of ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ with the ‘Thank You For Playing’ Kickstarter.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Release Date Is January 12

Joel Green’s story will be released to the world as That Dragon, Cancer launches on January 12, 2016. The indie game from Ryan Green and Josh Larson will finally be released into the world for Windows, Mac […]

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Nintendo NX Patent Reminds Us Of The Inevitability of Change

The possible lack of an optical drive on the Nintendo NX reminds us of the inevitability of change.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

“Impacting Players Emotionally”: an Interview with Arnie Jorgensen of Banner Saga 2

“If we tell a good story and make people feel something because of that story, then we have done our job.”

By Drew Dixon

On Satoru Iwata And Rebelling Against Tradition

Satoru Iwata leaves behind not only a legacy of innovation, but of rebelling against a culture of tradition to follow his passion for videogames.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Apple Reinstating Historical Confederate Flag On iOS

Apple has removed all games that feature the Confederate Flag for being “mean spirited.” Gamers have cried censorship against the iOS platform holder.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Looking Through The Mirror Of ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Mechanical Apartheid

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a game that has been described as a thinking man’s game by Audio Director Steve Szczepkowski. While it can certainly be played as a straight forward shooter or stealth game, […]

By Jonathan R. Clauson