The Musical Magic of Ys VIII

Ys VIII dynamic score speaks to the heart in unreasonable ways.

By Daniel Motley

Death and Digital Dignity in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Does it matter how we view and treat the characters video games place under our control?

By C. Daniel Bush

Choice and Consequence: An Interview with Keiron Kelly of Divinity: Original Sin II

We discuss what makes Divinity: Original Sin II unique as well as Larian Studio’s commitment to providing players with weighty moral choices.

By Drew Dixon

The Joy of Creation in So Let Us Melt

So Let Us Melt uses Daydream VR and a gorgeous soundtrack to showcase the explosive joy of creation.

By Madeline Turnipseed

“Controlled by Debt”: An Interview with Jake Elliot of Kentucky Route Zero

Drew chats with Jake Elliot of Kentucky Route Zero about income inequality, Appalachia, and the important role interactive art can play in helping us process the world.

By Drew Dixon

Life is Strange and Humans are Complex

Life is Strange: Before the Storm reminds us that human beings are complicated, nuanced creatures and first impressions can be misleading.

By Stephanie Skiles

Exploiting Your Way to a Better World in Euphoria

Euphoria challenges players to consider our own present dystopia and our temptation to exploit others to get ahead.

By Drew Dixon

Lost Legacy’s Ghosts of the Past

“… we can choose to let our past define us, or we can recognize that everyone, even the best of us, makes mistakes.”

By Lasse Lund

Overcooked Family Values

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (in frustration), and you might even yell at each other, but Overcooked builds stronger, healthier families in the end.

By Drew Dixon

Searching for the Good and True in Steamworld Dig 2

Richard Clark found that digging in “Steamworld Dig 2” served as an apt metaphor for exposing corruption in our own world.

By Richard Clark

Hob and the Dangerous Work of Healing

Healing Hob‘s broken world can teach us about the kind of patience and care required to heal our own.

By James Arnold

Sundered’s Mysterious Moral Compass

Sundered’s subtle approach to morality exposed the specter of Stephen’s sense of moral superiority.

By J. Stephen Addcox