Listening for Footsteps: A Reflection on ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst reminds us of the larger spiritual world us.

By Ayk Iano

“Enjoy the Struggle”: An interview with Director of ‘Let It Die’ Hideyuki Shin

“We hope that getting to top is a struggle in all the right ways.”

By Drew Dixon

Tempted and Tried: ‘Aragami’

Aragami not only tempts players to take a less responsible route through its world but also tries players who choose to do so.

By Joey Thurmond

Our Gaming Resolutions of 2017

Its a new year that means new goals, new habits, and a new start. Its time to put 2016 behind us and press on into the future with a renewed sense of optimism. In 2016, […]

By Gamechurch Writers

The GameChurch Podcast 76: Rand Miller and The Reassurance in Suffering

Rand Miller joins Drew and M. Joshua to talk about his life, belief and passion for games along with reflections of his work on one of the most important games made, MYST.

By Jonathan R. Clauson

Cheating ‘The Witness’: A Confession

The Witness broke me or maybe it just revealed how broken I am or maybe the game is kinda broken.

By J. Stephen Addcox

The Discipline of Caring: ‘Karma Incarnation 1’

Karma is the spiritual concept that works and deeds have influence on the future of the person committing them. It originated in India and has a strong connection to religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism […]

By Steve Cullum

GameChurch’s 2016 Games Jesus Loves

The penultimate end of the year games list (cause Jesus!). This tongue-in-cheek list highlights ten games from 2016 that we think mesh, on some level, with the life, message, and values of Jesus.

By Gamechurch Writers

Simulating Discipline: ‘Punch Club’

Punch Club is a discipline simulator. Rewards are given to those who show up day after day and put in the work. Nothing is handed to you.

By Mike Perna

Faith and Mystery in ‘Virginia’

I don’t like the feeling of not knowing. It makes me anxious. This pours over into every area of my life where things feel significantly less concrete.  This is, in part, why I am drawn […]

By Kate Kadowaki

Navigating Gray Spaces in ‘Beholder’

As I looked over my notes on Beholder, a simulation game about life in a totalitarian state,  I came to a realization. My favorite games mix simple mechanics with gut-wrenching storytelling, and I’ve been sharing […]

By Mike Perna

Of Body and Soul: The Talos Principle

Editor’s note: This is part 1 of a 2 part series exploring recent games that address what it means to be human. According to Christian anthropology, human beings consist of both a body and a soul, […]

By Ayk Iano