The Gamechurch Podcast 96: Gaming and Evangelism with Soma Game’s Chris Skaggs

This week our Editor-In-Chief Drew Dixon hosts founder of Soma Games, Chris Skaggs on the podcast.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on January 25, 2018

This week our Editor-In-Chief Drew Dixon hosts developer Chris Skaggs on the podcast. The founder of Soma Games (G: Into the Rain, Wind up Robots, Redwall) and Code Monkeys talks about his journey into Christianity by reconciling the idea that a Christian can be thoughtful, logical, and reasonable which began during his time in the Navy on the USS Kitty Hawk with C.S. Lewis.

The conversation continues with Chris’s founding of Soma Games with a “nudge from God” stemming from an interview on local TV about Christian game development. In the shadow of the congressional hearings on GTA: San Andreas‘ Hot Coffee mod controversy, Soma Games was founded as a company that makes games founded on Christian thought, but not necessarily a “Christian” game.

Drew and Chris finish off the conversation on how evangelism and game design are a bad match similar to education and game design can be problematic along with postulation on the best practices for Christians in the industry.

About the Author:

Jonathan Clauson started as an on-air producer and on-air talent for Clear Channel Radio. He graduated from Full Sail University and moved into marketing for EA Tiburon. He is currently the News Editor and Podcast producer for both GameChurch and Christ and Pop Culture.