Gamechurch Podcast #2: Brainy Gamer’s Michael Abbott

Michael Abbott joins us to discuss his Buddhist meditation, Nuclear Throne, the Destiny Beta, and Earthbound.

Written by Richard Clark / Published on July 25, 2014

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The Gamechurch Podcast is a podcast dedicated to having open and honest conversations about games, life, and belief hosted by our editor-in-chief, Drew Dixon and managing editor, Richard Clark.

Every week we invite a special guest to talk with us about life, games, and belief. This week we’re joined by Michael Abbott, the man responsible for Brainy Gamer, one of the original blogs dedicated to thoughtful game criticism. Michael talks with us about how his Buddhist meditation practices relate to videogames, whether Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne conveys peace or anger, and how Earthbound conveys genuine, heartbreaking childhood.

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About the Author:

Richard Clark is director of editorial development for CT Pastors and Preaching Today, a co-founder of Christ and Pop Culture, and has written for Unwinnable and Kill Screen. He can be followed on twitter @TheRichardClark.

  • Michael Morejon

    awesome going to check this out! The idea of a podcast was a good one..hope it grows!