GameChurch Podcast 86: Zainuddin Fahad of Asura and Exploring Hindu Mythology

This week’s guest is Zainuddin Fahad of Asura. The interview explores Fahad’s Muslim upbringing and the Hindu mythology of Asura.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on July 6, 2017

This week’s guest is Zainuddin Fahad of Asura, a new top-down hack ‘n’ slash game from the two person studio Ogre Head based in Hyderabad, India. Drew and M Joshua talk with Zainuddin about Asura which is based heavily in Indian mythology.

The conversation turns to Fahad’s formative years growing up playing PC games during the height of the shareware era with Doom, Ceaser, and the Apogee series of games that served to inspire him to develop games beyond what India was known for: Bollywood and cricket based games. In addition, Zainuddin is Muslim and the interview explores the perspective of working with Indian mythology and supernatural subjects from a different perspective.

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