The Gamechurch Podcast 92 – Religious Curiosity with Journey‘s Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory joins us to talk about how his curiosity about the world and religion, helps form his personality and his compositions.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on October 19, 2017

Drew and M. Joshua host celebrated composer Austin Wintory this week on the Gamechurch Podcast. Austin’s credits include Journey, Luna, Tooth and Nail, The Banner Saga, CS:GO, flOw, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and many others. His works are known for their ability to immerse the player in the worlds they experience through strong melodic themes. Wintory’s drive to explore the worlds he composes for reflect his own personal curiosity to learn about the world around him.

The grandson of Jewish refugees from Berlin during World War II, Austin grew up in Denver, CO in a house that he describes as non-religious, but very welcoming to everyone. His friendships from his formative years include people from all walks of life and religions. While he has never been a believer in a specific religion, he loves conversations that can alter his entire world view. The idea of truth, the perception of art from the consumer, and many other topics are discussed in this episode.

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