Games Help to Heal Sandy Hook

By Jared Chadwick

Forget all the debates about videogames for a minute. All the back and forth about the correlation between violence and videogames,  the talks about evolving narrative and next generation consoles. This bit of good news from Polygon gets back to the heart of what games are all about: bringing people together in an enjoyable, accessible way.

 Andrew and Scott (last names withheld by their request) decided to do something constructive after the overwhelming turnout at his son’s birthday party. So after a little planning and a lot of help from the community, they had a 22 arcade machine set up for kids and parents alike to enjoy. Everything is completely non-profit, and donations go towards maintaining the building. Andrew and Scott say they don’t plan to keep the arcade open more than a few months, but with such a warm reception across the board anything is possible.

Written by Jared Chadwick

Jared Chadwick is an English major who takes writing about videogames more seriously than finding a respectable profession. Find him on Facebook