The GameChurch Podcast Episode 73: Good Hearted Games with David Pittman of Slayer Shock and Eldritch

David Pittman joins Drew and M. Joshua this week to talk about his games “Eldritch” and “Slayer Shock” as well as his desire to make good hearted games.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on November 19, 2016

Drew and M. Joshua chat with David Pittman, co-founder of Minor Key Games, makers of Slayer Shock, Eldritch, Gun Metal Arcadia, Super Win the Game, and Neon Struct. We chat about how David’s faith has shaped him and indirectly influenced his work as a game designer.

Listen to the GameChurch Podcast Episode 73:

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Jonathan Clauson started as an on-air producer and on-air talent for Clear Channel Radio. He graduated from Full Sail University and moved into marketing for EA Tiburon. He is currently the News Editor and Podcast producer for both GameChurch and Christ and Pop Culture.