In Space, No One Can Hear Your Screams of Dissapointment

By Jared Chadwick

This seems an appropriate metaphor of Randy Pitchford vs the people.


The release of Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines has been met with a critical cold shoulder since its release, but it seems the situation has gone from a poor reception to a full blown conspiracy for CEO Randy Pitchford.

Rumors that Gearbox outsourced core development to an outside team were followed by accusations that the game’s demo was purposfully misleading and “staged” to appear more polished than the retail version. Not content to let the rumor mill stop there, Pitchford himself has even been accused of creating false accounts on twitter in order to send messages of constructive criticism to himself.

The story is still in full swing on on Pitchford’s twitter, so we won’t know what’s true and what isn’t until the dust settles, but keep an eye on twitter to see what develops, and check out the original story from Official XBox Magazine here.

Written by Jared Chadwick

Jared Chadwick is an English major who takes writing about videogames more seriously than finding a respectable profession. Find him on Facebook