The GameChurch Podcast #64: “I Met God” – An Interview With Science Mike

Drew and M. Joshua have an interview with Science Mike McHargue that covers his tumultuous history with the Christian faith, science and mystery, and love of video games.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on June 2, 2016

This week Drew and M. Joshua have an interview with ‘Science Mike’, the podcaster and gamer of The Liturgists Podcast and the Ask Science Mike Podcast.

Mike McHargue (better known as Science Mike) is an author, podcaster, and speaker focused on the science behind spiritual experiences. His podcasts, books and website are dedicated to helping people reconcile their faith with modern science.

The interview covers his traditional Christian upbringing and being the bullied outcast at his school, often finding himself in a tree praying by himself to avoid the school yard ruffians. The interview continues with a story about his conversion to atheism as well as the mystical experience that led him back out. The combination of science and the mystery of the faith may seem a natural juxtaposition, but has turned into a scientific pursuit for Mike.

This interview with Science Mike also touches on his love for video games that began with him developing a life sim at the age of 9. Drew and M. Joshua also explore his fascination with the human brain and preserving it digitally. Finally, we learn how his new faith informs his engagement with video games.

The GameChurch Podcast is an open and honest conversation about games, life, and belief. Every other week host Drew Dixon is joined by a member of the GameChurch writing staff to talk to people in the video game industry to find out what makes them tick and how their personal beliefs influence the games they interact with.

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