It’s Yet Another Demonic Child Murder Simulator!

By Zachery Oliver

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of horror, scary movies, or anything REMOTELY scary. In fact, I’m that guy who goes nuts whenever a jump scare appears in every entertainment medium – even if I know it’s coming. I can deal with a menacing atmosphere or dark themes, but games like Slender? Don’t make me cry, video game!

However, I think I can make an exception for producing fear in other people. Of all the games that allow you to cause people to run away screaming in terror, none of them have allowed you to play as a seemingly supernatural antagonist. Lo and behold, such a game exists in the form of Shiver GamesLucius:

His childish innocence wasn’t meant to last long, oh no: When little Lucius was born on the meaningful date of June 6th, 1966, nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy. His childhood, spent in a luxurious manor, was as normal as every kid’s young years – well, except for the extreme wealth of his parents, as Lucius grew up with everything he desired, including several maids, the family’s own butcher and Lucius’ private teacher.

Everything changed, though, when Lucius turned 6: His real father, the Devil, appeared in his dreams the night before his birthday, revealing that Lucius was his son.

The Beast managed through Lucius to bring a descendant back to the earth – and so it is Lucius’ task now to accomplish the missions of the Evil, which is gaining control over the world. Firstly, Lucius needs to get rid of all his family members and the service staff in the manor to be able to make their wealth and powers his.

Equipped with supernatural powers, Lucius starts off to a blood-flooding tour of horror through his house, using hell’s powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that will minimize the population of the manor one by one by one…

In practice, Lucius plays like an adventure game, with slow and deliberate puzzle-solving. Much like an inverse  horror film, you’re the one causing tension. Of course, you’re also a six year-old child solving puzzles to murder people in elaborate and stealthy ways. This interactive slasher film acts as a homage to movies I will probably never watch out of fear.

The game currently goes for $17.99 on Good Old Games and 21.24 on Steam for this week. Get to it, you horrible people.

Written by Zachery Oliver

Zachery Oliver, MTS, is the lead writer for Theology Gaming, a blog focused on the integration of games and theological issues. He can be reached at viewtifulzfo at gmail dot com or followed on Twitter @ZacheryOliver or on Theology Gaming’s Facebook Page.