Jesus Loves Gamer Memes

We think Jesus takes an interest in everything you do, even your crappy artwork and your most cringe-worthy memes.

Written by Gamechurch Writers / Published on April 21, 2017

If you have ever been by the GameChurch booth at a convention, you heard someone from our team say “Jesus loves you.” Its kinda our mantra at GameChurch. Our whole operation rides on the belief that Jesus loves gamers. And because we believe that He loves gamers, we think its not too much of a stretch to think that He might also love their memes.

One of the awesome things about Jesus is that His love is unconditional. He takes an interest in everything you do, even your crappy artwork and your most cringe-worthy memes. This isn’t to say that He would necessarily love the sentiment behind every one of these memes but it does mean that we think He would at least chuckle after cringing or crying. He might even pat you on the head affectionately after showing Him that meme you agonized over for 15 minutes before clicking “post.”

So without further ado, we give you the 5 Best (Worst) Christiany Game Memes we came across this week:


1. Mario’s Prayer

You don’t have to introduce yourself to God when you pray but we recommend following Mario’s lead and you do you.



2. The Original Pokemon Master

According to this picture, Noah may have done the math wrong on the sheep but still, the guy has skills.



3. He Sees You When You’re Camping

Just remember this for next time …



4. EvangeHead

Because when you are playing Payday and a head pops through the wall, you listen to that head.




5. EvangeLink

Also the Triforce is related to the Trinity and Link is a Christ figure blah blah blah . . .




6. Jesus Carries

Check out the size of Jesus’ keyboard!

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