Gamechurch Staff & Leadership

Our team is a ragtag bunch of passionate creatives, logisticals, and leaders who help push the mission of Gamechurch forward.

Mikee Bridges

Founder / CEO / Commander



Prior to founding Gamechurch, Mikee Bridges got his start in the Christian Rock scene, founding the bands Sometime Sunday, Tragedy Ann, and yes, the Star Wars tribute band known as Twin Sister.  Additionally, he founded Tomfest, the biggest indie Christian music festival in the northwest, which featured over 150 bands annually.  He has always had a heart for loving those on the outside of Christian circles and challenging those on the inside.

Brian Buffon

Director of Media



Brian has served as the Director of Media of Gamechurch since it’s inception in 2010.  Yes, he is the one responsible for Gamer Jesus.  Brian has had a passion for creativity since a young age.  Eventually, that passion led him to Brooks Institute, where he earned a B.A. in film and video production. In addition to working full-time for Gamechurch, Brian also moonlights as a freelancer, working for clients such as Verizon and Barna Group. He loves Jesus, his wife Elaina, travel, delicious ramen, specialty coffee and craft IPA, in precisely that order.

Drew Dixon

Editor-in-chief of


PSN: Drizzoo


Drew Dixon is the editor-in-chief of, a site dedicated to exploring the spiritual side of vidoegames and co-host of the GameChurch Podcast where he interviews videogame developers about their spiritual beliefs. He is also the lead editor for Explore the Bible Students at LifeWay Christian Resources. He also hosts the Christ and Pop Culture Digest and writes about video games for WORLD Magazine and Paste Magazine. He has written extensively about videogames and the Christian worldview for many sites including Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, and Think Christian.

Matthew Selfors

Regional Coordinator - Northwest


Steam: Red Headed Step Chyld


In 2011, Matthew first learned about GameChurch and was a little skeptical until he met the team at PAX West and discovered they were a genuine group that loved Jesus and loved gamers. Matthew first went on a GameChurch missions trip in 2014 to the Rose City Comic Con in Oregon. Ever since then he has been on three trips each year, giving him the record as the person with the most missions trips to date. In late 2016, Matthew took on his first missions trip as a team leader and shortly after, accepted a position as the Northwest Regional Coordinator. Matthew lives in the small town of Puyallup, WA with his wife Hillary.

Jake Brooks

Regional Coordinator - North


PSN: smileyfacejakson


Jake was born and raised in Southern Indiana, but now lives in Shelbyville (just southeast of Indianapolis) with his wife, Kristina, and daughter where he works at Grace UMC doing youth ministry. Growing up, he was always partial to Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog, but some of his favorite RPGs of all time were on the SNES. Nowadays, he finds himself drawn to games that involve some sort of strategy, sandbox, fantasy, and/or character leveling. He discovered GameChurch like any true-blooded Millennial – by wasting time on Twitter. His first mission trip was in 2014 at C2E2 in Chicago, and now he serves as the Regional Coordinator of the North.

Chris Bowden

Regional Coordinator - Northeast


PSN: tvguy26


Chris became a Gamer at 6 years-old when his parents bought an NES. Thankfully, his mom didn’t mind hooking it up for him every day so he could play Donkey Kong Jr. and Legend of Zelda. Chris sees both video and tabletop gaming as a way to build lasting friendships and strong bonds. Though his background is in video production and editing, Chris’ true passion is gaming and over the last three years, has designed and developed his own adventure-themed board game.

During the Spring of 2013, Chris stumbled across Gamechurch while attending PAX East as a Media correspondent for his own website. A year later, Chris went to Phoenix Comic Con on his first missions trip with Gamechurch, and has been hooked ever since. He now leads the PAX East and New York Comic Con teams as the Northeast Regional Coordinator. Chris currently lives in Massachusetts with his couch, PS4, and 3 controllers.

Davy Thompson

Regional Coordinator - United Kingdom


PSN: DavyT_116

Xbox Live: Davy116


God has been a part of Davy’s life since he was young, but it wasn’t until his twenties that his love and passion for Jesus really developed into a proper relationship. Davy has also loved gaming since a young age; his first console was the original Nintendo, and now he owns both a PS4 and Xbox1. One of Davy’s strongest desires is to game online with anyone and everyone, building relationships along the way.  Davy leads the Gamechurch UK team from their home base in Northern Ireland. He’s a husband to Jenny and father to Luke and Jude. He also leads his own ministry: 4 the Win Gaming.

Daniel Schmidt

Regional Coordinator - Germany



Daniel has always been a gamer. He remembers playing on the old Atari and saving princess Zelda on Gameboy. He is also a dedicated follower of Jesus and loves to love people. This is the same love he hopes to display to people in the gaming community. Daniel leads the Gamechurch Germany team from their homebase in Lemgo, Germany where they operate a gaming center, an online gaming community, and run the Gamechurch booth at Gamescom, the largest gaming convention in the world. Daniel is also studying Education and Theology at Bielefeld University.