“There Needs to be Joy in the World”: An Interview with Zack Johnson of West of Loathing

Zack Johnson of West of Loathing shares his commitment to be funny without hurting people’s feelings as well as his desire to bring more joy into the world.

Written by Drew Dixon / Published on October 26, 2017

We chatted with Zack Johnson of West of Loathing about how his team managed to make a genuinely funny game in a sea of cynical games that aren’t nearly as funny as they think they are. We also discuss the unique challenge of making jokes that don’t hurt people’s feelings. Zack also talks about his desire to increase the amount of happiness in the world as well as his love for making games.

West of Loathing is currently available on Steam and will launch in the near future on iOS.

About the Author:

Drew Dixon is editor-in-chief of Game Church. He also edits for Christ and Pop Culture and writes about videogames for Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Bit Creature, and Think Christian.