Podcast Episode 58: “I don’t believe in role models” with Fernando Ramallo of ‘Panoramical’

‘Panoramical’ creator Fernando Ramalho joins Drew Dixon and M. Joshua for a talk about the game and his desire to build something nice that “isn’t about shooting people in the face. “

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on February 11, 2016

‘Panoramical’ developer Fernando Ramallo joins Drew Dixon and M. Joshua for the GameChurch Podcast Episode 58.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fernando has lived in Mexico, Germany and now calls Portland, OR his home. His latest creative endeavor, Panoramical is out and has been nominated for 3 Independent Games Festival Awards, so Drew and M. Joshua talk about the idea behind the game and the subtle way the game plays out. Panoramical is a videogame-like interactive experience where you manipulate abstract musical landscapes with a variety of control inputs including MIDI devices and standard console controls. The experience can be different depending on what your input method is as Drew and M. Joshua learn as they reflect on their time with the game.

As with all our podcasts, the conversation turns from Panoramical to the personal history of its co-creator. What was life in Argentina and what kind of effect did religion have on Fernando both in his formative years as well as his adult life. Drew and Josh talk to Fernando about the joy of the creative process, the value of inclusivity, and the diversity of the indie game community.

You can check out Fernando’s game on the Official Page.

Follow Fernando on Twitter @compositeredfox

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