Podcast #21: The Talos Principle’s Jonas Kyratzes: “I was Richard Dawkins at 16”

By Richard Clark

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The Gamechurch Podcast is dedicated to having open and honest conversations about games, life, and belief hosted by our editor-in-chief, Drew Dixon and managing editor, Richard Clark.

This week, we talk to Jonas Kyratzes, writer and developer of The Talos Principle, a humanist retelling of the Garden of Eden (and puzzle game!), about his time as a militant atheist and his slow softening process over time. He’s really a cuddly atheist-bear. You can follow Jonas on Twitter.

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Written by Richard Clark

Richard Clark is the online managing editor of Christianity Today, a co-founder of Christ and Pop Culture, a regular columnist at Unwinnable, and a former staff writer for Kill Screen. He can be reached at deadyetliving at gmail dot com or followed on twitter @deadyetliving.