Revelations: Violence, Evil, Consumerism, and Meekness.

Richard Clark fills in for Jordan Ekeroth, and just ruins everything.

Written by Richard Clark / Published on December 21, 2012

Jordan is off slacking somewhere today. So I, your benevolent and wonderful managing editor will come to the rescue and provide for you a list of seven articles about videogames, so that your weekend will not be lost to reading philosophy books or fiction novels. Phew, that was close! 

1. Triggers – a heartstopping piece about thinking through what games are, why we like them, and what the violent ones may or may not mean post-Sandy Hook. It’s not making any claims, so you just stop right there before you get too red in the face in disagreement. But man, does it ever ask the right questions.

2. Higher Calling: The New Gospel of Christian Games – This one’s kind of in our wheelhouse, I dunno. Seems relevant somehow.

3. Gods of Power and Might: What Civilization V Gets Right (and Wrong) About Christianity – Here’s a piece I wrote for Christianity Today, not only about Civilization V, but about the nature of traditional games and the brave new world of games that allow for a kind of “meekness”. Look forward to that.

4. Righting the Ship – Gamechurch’s editor-in-chief Drew Dixon meditates on Day-Z and keeping evil at bay. Well worth a read!

5. A Season To Consume – I wrote another thing. It’s about games that demonstrate the dangers of consumerism. For Christmas!

6. No, Let’s Talk About Videogame Violence – Acts as a nice companion piece to our own article from the other day, Can We Have a Civil Discussion about Game Violence?

7. After Sandy Hook And Virginia Tech, I’m Done With Violent Video Games – I don’t think we’re going to be done with this conversation any time soon.

About the Author:

Richard Clark is director of editorial development for CT Pastors and Preaching Today, a co-founder of Christ and Pop Culture, and has written for Unwinnable and Kill Screen. He can be followed on twitter @TheRichardClark.