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Don’t Do Video Games in Church, Do Church in Video Games

Can video games be encountered as beautiful, unsettling, troubling, joyful, sad or maybe even worshipful?

By Andy Robertson

4 Keys to Winning the Video Game Battle With Your Kids

If we are honest, video games can be a source of conflict in many families. Andy Robertson shares four simple steps to get from gaming stress to interactive edification.

By Andy Robertson

More Than Fun: 5 Intrinsic Values of Videogames

A popular Christian blogger wrote an article defending videogames but in the process, missed some of the most important things that make them worth playing.

By Drew Dixon

Game Over: Should We Measure Games by their Usefulness?

Christian leaders are speaking out against games, saying they are a waste of time and resources, Daniel Motley says those leaders aren’t taking games seriously enough.

By Daniel Motley

The Gospel and Games Journalism

Do Christianity and videogames have anything to do with each other? Patrick Stafford says they do and shares how we might sincerely make the connection.

By Patrick Stafford

News: When Games Encourage Gun Ownership

“… the last thing any of us want is a generation of kids who have learned everything they know about guns from videogames going out and purchasing semi-automatic assault rifles just for fun.”

By Luke Larsen

Rapture and the Art of Story

When games rely solely on exposition to carry their narrative, they are telling us our actions don’t matter.

By Drew Dixon

Why the Best Games are the Unsettling Ones

Could it be that some of the games that trouble us most are actually the most meaningful?

By Richard Clark

5 Things the Videogame Industry Needs to Stop!

After one of the gaming industry’s most successful and critically acclaimed years, Robert Rash reflects on things that the industry needs to stop–for the sake of it’s fans and their sanity. 1. The More Enemies The […]

By djrobbyrob

SOPA, Videogames, and Internet Ignorance

The following was submitted by Robert Rash. Editor’s Note: The following  represents the views of the Robert Rash and not necessarily the views of Gamechurch. I was once a Political Science Major. In fact, I was […]

By Drew Dixon