The GameChurch Podcast: The Games Jesus Loves in 2016

The GameChurch crew comes together to debate and decide upon what Games Jesus Loves in 2016.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on December 13, 2016

Each year here at we post a unique top ten list of sorts: Ten Games Jesus Loves. Of course, Jesus didn’t hand down this list from on high. This is a speculative list, a result of equal parts playful and serious-minded discussion among GameChurch writers.

On the one hand, Jesus is a real historical figure, well-documented and explored by established texts. We know quite a bit about him, actually. On the other hand, that documentation took place during a time before videogames, or any kind of mass media at all for that matter.

So it’s up to us to connect the dots, to brazenly speak for Jesus, and then to laugh it off and be like, “You know we’re kidding right?”

We want to be as transparent as possible, letting you in on the process that resulted in our very own stone tablets. We didn’t get them from spending time on a mountain with God, we got them by spending time with one another over Skype. The way Jesus always intended, we guess?

Listen to The GameChurch Podcast Episode 75: The Games Jesus Loves in 2016:


Drew Dixon, Editor in Chief

Richard Clark, online managing editor of Christianity Today

M. Joshua Cauller, Co-host

C. T. Casberg, GameChurch Staff Writer

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Jonathan Clauson started as an on-air producer and on-air talent for Clear Channel Radio. He graduated from Full Sail University and moved into marketing for EA Tiburon. He is currently the News Editor and Podcast producer for both GameChurch and Christ and Pop Culture.