The Revelation of Proteus: A New Heaven and A New Earth

Ed Key & David Kanaga’s Proteus inspires a vision of the world to come.

Written by Luke Larsen / Published on January 30, 2013

The Revelation of Proteus, a vision of this world and the life of the world to come. Blessed is the one who takes heed of this revelation and finds a true source of imagination to see and know hope.

I, the bond-servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, having been captured by his grace and swept into his eternal life, awoke and saw a vast blue sea that stretched out like liquid sapphire beneath my feet. It gathered and bunched like a woven garment, stretching and pulling into the horizon. Then I heard a Voice calling from behind me — a sound like that of a mighty trumpet. “Write down with words what you shall see,” it said. “Of what is now, and what will take place in the world to come.”

"As I was spun around the circle, I let go–I was no longer chasing."
I turned to see that the Voice was speaking to me, a siren’s song that played as if coming from a great distance. Ahead I saw a new earth rising out of the sea — the silhouette of a tall city, the trunks of its walls stretching to the sky and its roots digging down into the horizon of the sea. The Voice continued to draw me in as I approached. “Come!” it said. As I moved closer, I saw that the tall city was made not of stone and brick but of deciduous trees and grass — an island perched on the oceans.

There were no gates, nor were there walls — just the the sands of the beach, radiating light from the sun above as if brazen with gold. The surface of the island measured 144,000 feet, a dipping and rising green landscape full of creatures, plants, and life forms of every kind. “Is this the great city of the Lord where He will reign forever and ever?” I asked the Voice. The Voice, now like a flowing breeze, only beckoned me further into the island garden, whispering “Come!”

The Voice led me to a small creature, eyeless and faceless, with ears like that of a rabbit and a voice that sung in a heavenly language. But as I approached it, away it went bouncing ahead. The longer I pursued the creature, the further it jumped, it’s voice calling out to me to continue the chase. Life on the island was easy to observe from a distance, but harder to grasp. Yet the voices all around beckoned me further.

I heard the distant Voice calling out to me again. I turned up to see the place where the radiant sun had been to see black clouds like granite stretching out its wings across the sky. Night drew near as the storm clouds gathered over my head like circle in the eye of a storm. I heard the Voice call out, saying “Do not be afraid. The old order has passed away.” As the rain began to fall, I felt no cold. As the island grew dark, no beasts or dark shadows came out. As the light disappeared, the lights of small angels flashed in the hair of the trees like fireflies and I felt no fear. Their angelic voices beckoned me to follow, as they traced their way through the thick darkness.

They led me up a hill and though I walked, my legs felt not soreness or physical stress. When I reached the top of the hill, what a brilliant sight I saw! The angels of light circled around the plateau as if taking part in some holy dance, their voices chirping praises and songs of worship, though in an angelic tongue I was not yet allowed to understand. The Voice from afar called out one last time saying, “Come.” I entered the dance and immediately I was lifted by the angels into their majestic dance.

As I was spun around the circle, I let go–I was no longer chasing. Immediately, my eyes were opened and I could see the seasons change around me, cold dead trees being brought to life with their leaves bursting into color. The angelic songs grew louder and more chaotic, each voice breaking into their own individual song. The sun too rose from its slumber, the clouds retracting their reach and the earth being reshaped in light. I saw the past, the present, and the future become one. I saw a new heaven and a new earth.

Immediately, my eyes were closed and awake in my bedroom. I wondered about what I had seen — was this a depiction of the future or a figment of my imagination? I thought back to the world I had seen — a world without pain and without sorrow. How could creation function this way? I thought back to the rabbit-like creature again–that piece of heaven that I had sought and chased. Perhaps if I keep chasing, day by day, week-by-week, someday I won’t have to anymore.

About the Author:

Luke Larsen is a tireless freelance writer, music aficionado, and iOS game enthusiast from Portland, OR. He commonly writes for publications such as Paste, RELEVANT, and Christ and Pop Culture. Follow him on Twitter at @lalarsen11.