We Met Some Real Life Superheroes

By Jordan Ekeroth

Video games and comics, though vastly different mediums, possess kindred spirits. They inspire the imagination of many; young and old, men and women. Yet with both mediums, there is always the danger of falling into self-serving escapism. Both games and comics are at their best when they inspire us to go beyond the realms of imagination, and begin to do good in a tangible way.

This past weekend at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, the Gamechurch crew had the pleasure of meeting a group of comic book lovers who have been motivated to do exactly that.

Comic Book Characters for Causes are a group of like-minded individuals – caped crusaders and cosplay experts – who don their masks and apply their makeup in order to raise money for issues that are near and dear to their hearts. At ECCC, they hosted raffles and accepted donations, raising $1,128.31 to benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

After posing for a free group photo with a few members of the team, I had the privilege of speaking to founder, Kristen Jensen, who does a smashing Jean Gray, and Jason Halverson, who turned heads all weekend with his uncanny resemblance to Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Jensen and Halverson both told me that the project was born, roughly two years ago, out of a desire to take something that they were passionate about and find a way to channel their energy into doing something meaningful. The group is based in Seattle and divides their efforts between making appearances at parties and events, and assembling heroically at larger conventions. Their dream is to continue expanding, reaching more and more shows and raising more and more money for charities.

Truly, a force for good.

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[Illustration by Ben “1314” Hansen]

[Picture Credit: Bobby Grant, Snap It! Photography]

Written by Jordan Ekeroth

Jordan Ekeroth has the crippling inability to say anything more than what he thinks he means. Follow him on Twitter: @JordanEkeroth