A convention-based social game about doing good stuff for others.

How to Play

Get a card (or three)

Stop by the gamechurch booth and pick up one or more #WWGJD mission cards. You can also download the complete deck for free here.

Pick a mission

Each mission ranges in difficulty all the way from "noob" to "ninja". Every mission has a social media component, so make sure you have your smartphone ready!

Execute the Mission

Follow the instructions on the card to complete your mission. Make sure to tag @gamechurch and use the hashtag #WWGJD so we can post your photos!

Play it Forward

Once your mission is completed, follow the instructions and give the mission to someone else! Tell them to play it forward!

So, like, how do I win and stuff?

We prefer to think of #WWGJD ad a massively real life co-operative game. When all of us work together to show love and kindness to others, everyone wins.

#WWGJD Insta tracker:

Currently, our tracker only works for Instagram posts, but we are working on including other platforms!