The GameChurch Podcast 66: ‘Young Son’ With Brian Buffon and Elliot Iannello

Young Son is the debut game from GameChurch and Drew sits down to talk to Brian Buffon and the illusive Elliot Iannello about the game’s development and purpose.

Written by Jonathan R. Clauson / Published on July 15, 2016

Young Son is the subject of this week’s show as Drew chats with GameChurch’s Creative Director, Brian Buffon and Parable Game Studio’s Elliot Iannello. The two have partnered to make Young Son, an upcoming iOS/Android platformer. The trio chat about religion, hypocrisy, and the challenge of speaking honestly when making art from a faith perspective.

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About the Author:

Jonathan Clauson started as an on-air producer and on-air talent for Clear Channel Radio. He graduated from Full Sail University and moved into marketing for EA Tiburon. He is currently the News Editor and Podcast producer for both GameChurch and Christ and Pop Culture.

  • Laura Beth Conrad

    This was great – my first podcast I listened to of your – one specific thing I’d like to note though, I’m glad you guys brought up the faith being challenged once you hit college.

    Its heart breaking how many youth leave the faith when they go to college just because of exposure.
    Simply because they haven’t been given the right tools to defend their faith in both their minds and personal doubts as well as to others accusations.

  • Laura Beth Conrad

    Prayer Latte – HAHAHA
    What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? – nice! xD

  • Laura Beth Conrad

    The fact that you guys went into the cultural value of the parable is really great!
    Refreshing to hear people talking about it without looking at it through Western eyes.
    Really looking forward to seeing and playing this game! 🙂