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the yawhg

You Should Play: The Yawhg

A dark threat is imminent. The Yawhg is coming. Tales have long been told of its destructive force. Impending doom draws near. Gather your friends and conduct yourselves accordingly. You have six weeks until the Yawhg arrives, and certain choices need to be made during that time. Many games offer you the chance to save […]


In Videogames, Losing Sucks

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated after losing your 10th team deathmatch in a row because Game X’s matchmaking system has some vendetta against you, and if you’ve ever wished there was some way to enjoy the thrill of games without having to constantly fight the urge to rage-quit, you aren’t alone. Quintin Smith left […]


Violent Games are Gonna Hurt You for Real

  Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku recently wrote about an interesting study on violent videogames: In a ground-breaking new study, Professor Dong Wong Cho, who hails from a college in South Korea, has put his very life on the line to save you from videogames. But it’s not your mind he’s worried about, it’s your very […]


Revelations Live: Episode 2

Last night I was joined by our dashing editor-in-chief, Drew Dixon, to talk about videogames, the meaning of life, and other light, fluffy topics. After the fiasco of our first episode, where Drew was unable to join the chat, leaving me to monologue for some twenty minutes, we got out act together and things ran […]

M-Rated games

Better Late Than Never: Australia Adds R18+ Videogame Rating

Until recently the  Australian gaming population has been suffering under an iron fist of censorship in the gaming industry. Games like Grand Theft Auto and God of War were either censored or banned outright for any content that exceeded their 15 rating, meaning most gamers either pirated the american versions or simply went without. But […]


Introducing Revelations LIVE

Introducing Revelations LIVE. For the first time in the history of Gamechurch, we’ll be streaming a live video event that will bring you the week’s best and freshest insights on the convergence of videogames and issues like morality, religion, and the meaning of life. Tonight at 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern, I’ll be joined by […]


Chrono Chronicles Part 3: Naivety and Daddy Issues

"So far Marle, Lucca, and Crono are reacting in ways that are completely foreign to me - they seem to have no fear, no anxiety, no real sense of consequences or despair. Will this change? Or will they simply keep up the sunny o...